20 Mobile Games You Must Download Now

These days, you can play video games anywhere: a gaming console, a PC, or laptop, streaming over the internet or on your phone or tablet. Many people consider loading new games onto their devices the most important thing. 1. To pass the time on a commute, in a doctor’s waiting room, or while sitting on the couch. Sometimes, however, a simple phone game can turn into hours of uninterrupted gameplay. The following list contains the top ten addictive games that you can play on your iPhone, Android smartphone. Good luck with anything else!


AFK Arena, which takes its name literally, is an RPG where you can collect loot and level-up even when you aren’t at the keyboard. To save the realm from evil ancient, collect heroes and strengthen your ranks. You can join guilds, fight other players, and continue your epic quest.


The Angry Birds brand has grown to such an extent that it’s difficult to find a game that appeals to mobile gamers. We prefer to keep the classics. Angry Birds2 lets you shoot birds at evil pigs.

Do you remember the arcade classic Breakout? Ballz may not be a direct copy of Breakout, but it does follow some of the same principles. There are a few blocks you need to break. You can then use your collection to break the blocks. It’s a great time-waster and fun.

Brawl Stars, a mobile-first battle Royale that specializes in 3v3 combat across multiple game modes, is. You can unlock and upgrade characters, collect power-ups and items, get unique skins and find new places.

Candy Crush Friends Saga retains the matching and candy-swiping mechanics, but Friends Saga introduces new designs and gameplay that incorporate the characters from the series. Our tips guide will help you improve your game.

Color Road! – This is a straightforward concept: control a rolling ball and collect balls of the same color. Avoid those with different colors. The difficulty level increases quickly as you progress.

Are you looking for a party game that is fun? Drawing Something is a fun party game that is very similar to Pictionary. One player draws the word and the other players guess what it is. Draw Something Classic is free. A paid version ( iOS and Android) removes ads from the app. The price for Draw Something Pro iPad starts at $4.99


This game blends RPG combat with card collecting, base building, and match-3 gameplay to provide a simple but deep tactical gaming experience. You can unlock epic combos, level up heroes, collect loot, craft weapons, and farm resources. Online raid battles are available. Players can also challenge other players in PvP matches.


Flow-free is an easy puzzle game where you have to match colors and pipes together to cover the board. There are hundreds of levels to choose from and even a time trial mode.


Geometry Dash is a rhythm-based platformer where you tap the screen to jump at just the right moment. iOS and Android users have the option to download the Lite version free of charge or purchase the app ( iOS or Android).

Help Lily restore her garden to its former glory and navigate a romance story with many characters. You will decorate the garden and match flowers.

Do you love the New York Times Crossword Crossword? The mobile app can be downloaded and used to solve crosswords wherever you are. After solving a few demo puzzles, subscribers can either pay $3.47 per month or $19.97 annually. The New York Times also has Sudoku and Spelling Bee.


You can defend your tower with the popular tower defense game Plants against Zombies 2. Your plants will be up against an invading army of zombies. To complete each level, you must hold off the invaders.

Plants Vs. Zombies 2 Review


As you add more blocks and segments to your snake, guide it through obstacles.


Subway Surfers allow you to run/skateboard along a metro train in an endless race. You are trying to avoid capture. You can collect coins and powerups and dodge oncoming trains. Jump over obstacles and avoid capture as long as possible.


Toon Blaster is a version of Candy Crush. However, you can blow up things instead of matching candies. You can combine power-ups to create combos that will help you complete each level.


To eliminate obstacles and achieve your goal, connect the dots. While this game sounds simple, it becomes more difficult when new requirements are added. Your moves also become less flexible.

Combining elements from Sudoku and Tetris, this woodblock puzzle requires you to fill rows, columns, and squares to clear aboard. To gain more points, clear multiple rows or blocks at once. What is the maximum number of points you can get before there are no more moves?

Words With Friends was born. It has become the most popular social game for wordsmiths. Play against your friends, family, and even yourself in multiple game modes.

Wordscapes is a great alternative to Words with Friends. This game requires you to solve a word search to complete a crossword. It’s simple but addictive.

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