What is an Eboy? The True Eboy Style Explained

We have all heard of emos, f-boys. They were followed by essays, plays, and essays. But the new word is eboy. TikTok is partly to blame. Although there have been many fads and flavors in social media and TikTok, the eboy is the biggest trend for men’s fashion this year. What is an eboy? And how can you achieve the eboy look? Eboy style is a mix of emo and BDSM with a soft-boy undercurrent. It has been adopted by many celebrities like Billie Eilish and Doja Cat. Eboys are known for their unconventional fashion tastes and have a cult following around the world. If you are still wondering “What is an Eboy?” here are the facts.

Eboys, a subculture of youth that was created in 2018, can be found almost exclusively on social media. They are most popularised by TikTok. TikTok, which has more than 500 million users around the world, is driving fashion and is one of the most used social media apps by Generation Z. Trends come and go on it. The eboy is a TikTok trend that has lasted longer than others.

The name is a portmanteau for “electronic boys”. The eboy clothing store aesthetic is a mix of influences from alternative fashion styles and contemporary internet-driven pop culture. The eboy wardrobe has influences from 90s skateboarding and punk.

Sometimes, the eboy outfit influence can be considered a sign of gender politics and progressiveness in clothing. Eboys are more open to sexuality and gender fluidity and often display their femininity by wearing makeup and shaving their faces. Eboys have come to accept their vulnerability, timidity, and androgyny as a result of changing the ideal of masculine attractiveness. They are now sharing these “soft-boy aesthetics” with the world via social media.

How to spot an Eboy

Eboys can be difficult to spot in public, as are emos and eshays. Eboys don’t often make their online personas public. The eboy subculture is an online phenomenon that exists independently from the digital world. Online, TikTok specifically, they are typically white middle-class teenage boys who make clothing transformations and lip-sync videos, while also doing eye-rolling, tongue poking, and lip-syncing videos.

Many signs will help you spot one. First, they are introverted. At least, many of them. They won’t be found in crowds at bars or concerts, nor in large spaces for social events. They will be moving quickly through the places they visit, making sure they don’t make eye contact and keep them from communicating with others.

However, there are a few eboys who hang out with their friends. You can find them at thrift shops, skate parks, gaming stores, thrift shops, and conventions for comic books and anime. You’ll see them more often as the eboy marvel grows in popularity.

Famous Eboys

The most famous eboys are associated with Sad Boy music. This is a broad definition of musicians who create music that is influenced by depression and indifference. It often overlaps with Emo Rap. Some of the most well-known eboys are the late Lil Peep and Yungblud.

Fun Fact: The eboy aesthetic gained popularity after the death of rapper Lil Peep. This influenced the birth of the subculture. Timothee Chalamet, another celebrity eboy is also an example. His red carpet look, which includes oversized t-shirts, cuffed pants, and signature floppy curls, has been viewed by millions of people on social media.

Eboy Fashion

The eboy outfit was inspired by many subcultures, fashion trends, and forms of entertainment such as emo and scene, goth, and skater culture.

Eboy clothes are typically made of thrift clothing, such as an oversized jumper or monochromatic pieces. They can also be layered with long-sleeved striped shirts and band/graphic merchandise. Earrings with dangle earrings, wallet chains, and chain necklaces are all common. Eboys fashion requires that you dye your hair in two colors down the middle of your scalp.

How to dress like an Eboy

Style-wise, eboy clothing includes streetwear and skatewear brands such as Supreme, Thrasher, and Nike. Others add DIY touches such as bleaching their clothes. Eboys often use makeup to imitate anime. They have fake freckles and light contours.

The essential clothing items in an eboy’s wardrobe are:

  • T-shirts in large sizes
  • T-shirts with striped long sleeves
  • Crewneck jumpers
  • Slim denim jeans
  • Black joggers
  • White tube socks
  • Checkered/ black Vans shoes
  • Chain wallet
  • Leather Belt

Eboy fashion means accessorizing unconventionally with chunky rings, chain belts, jewelry, beanies, chunky rings, and ear piercing. The majority of footwear is casual and comfortable. They often wear a pair of Converse sneakers or beat-up Vans. The eboy outfit should include black leather boots.

Other options for eboy outfits include gothic cargo pants and padlock necklaces. Chockers are also popular. Graphic tees and loose-legged trousers are a staple of the eboy look.

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