Dramas in TV Series

This TV show portrays fictional stories or semi-fictional stories set in a specific place that follows a common theme.

In the 16 century, the term “drama” was first used by Greeks to describe a play with a very neutral act. It wasn’t either a comedy or a tragedy. This term was also adopted by the industry when the television was invented. As the industry grew, more New TV Releases shows were produced. The boundaries of the genre became blurred and now encompass many different tones. Today, “drama” includes many subcategories, such as comedy, legal drama, and teen drama.

Drama TV shows can be understood to include any story that is either fictional or semi-fictional. They also feature characters who are brought to life with real actors. These are all types of TV shows that fall under the broad term “drama.”

Comedy-drama is when comedy is incorporated into a drama. It is still a form of drama, but a balance is kept between the serious and humorous parts. Jackie Cooper’s series Hennesey, which is military-themed, was believed to have been the first American series of this type. Another famous example of humor and serious topics is Room 22, which aired in the late 1960s. Some of the most famous examples of comedy-dramas that have aired in recent years include Boy Meets Girl and Orange Is the New Black.

Drama for Teens

The teen drama, as the name suggests, is a TV series that focuses on teenagers. The teens’ homes, neighborhoods, and other common locations are the main focus of the drama, but the majority of the action takes place in secondary schools. The popularity of this genre was due to the popular ’90s series Beverly Hills 90210 which aired on Fox. Teen Dramas like The O.C. and My So-Called Life are your favorite TV shows after school.

Romantic Drama

The romantic drama is a TV show that focuses mainly on the romance and love between people of opposite genders. It is often combined with other sub-types like comedy, mystery thriller, fantasy, and even sci-fi to make a compelling plot and decrease the cheesiness. Degrassi: The Next Generation, Love, and The Affair are all well-received romance dramas.

Family Drama

Family dramas are a great choice if you’re looking for a relaxing weekend with the whole family. Two great series for families are Heartland and The Fosters.

Doctor Drama

The TV series Medical Dramas focus on the lives of doctors and medical students, and how they deal with the profession. If you’ve ever seen Grey’s Anatomy, House, or any other medical drama TV series, then you must be very knowledgeable about this genre.

Legal Drama and Crime Drama and Police Procedural Drama

These TV shows focus on criminals, police, detectives, and the entirely legal system. Each episode might feature a new case, or the same case could be repeated for multiple episodes. The plot focuses on how crimes are solved, how investigations are conducted, how findings are processed, and how trials are completed.

Law & Order, Criminal Minds, CSI, and CSI: Criminal Intent are just a few of the television shows that fall under this category. They keep viewers guessing about the true criminal, robber, or murderer. Some versions include comedy or romance. You, for example, is geared towards courtship, while Brooklyn Nine-Nine combines humor and romance with solving crimes. Another example is Psych, a detective comedy-drama.

Horror dramas can often be found in the same genre as science fiction, thriller, and fantasy. These dramas are designed to instill fear and dread among viewers. They feature trapped or imprisoned characters as well as the mental, emotional, and physical struggles they face in dealing with terrorizing conditions. These stories feature the unseen supernatural forces, demons, witches extraterrestrials vampires, serial killers, and even psychopaths who have a history of dysfunctional family relationships, failures over a lifetime, and so forth.

The Whisperers of the Walking Dead may have kept you under the blanket, while Supernatural, Hannibal, and The Haunting of Hill House might have given you chills.

Historical Drama

Are you a fan of The Crown?

The historical drama is not intended for future-oriented viewers. It refers to a drama that takes place in the past. While it may include other themes such as romance or adventure, the background will be historical times and any dramatic events from the past. Downtown Abbey, a story about the lives of Crawley’s British aristocratic family, is the best example of historical drama.


Do you remember Doctor Who? The Doctor uses the TARDIS, his space-traveling time machine to explore the universe and rescue civilizations. He also helps the distressed by warding off a variety of villains.

This is precisely what a space drama is about. Because it relies on interplanetary battles and space warfare, space dramas can be called a subgenre in science fiction. You can also see an epic space battle on TV with Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987 TV Series), Battle Star Galactica, and Firefly.


Politico dramas are focused on one politician or a set of events. They usually reflect the author’s, producers’, or scriptwriters’ political views and opinions. Some of the most popular examples of current political dramas include House of Cards and Madam Secretary as well as Scandal, the West Wing, and Scandal.


The main characters sing the songs. These symphonies then become interwoven with the story as the actors move to the beats. Glee is now a fond memory as one of the greatest musical comedy dramas ever.

Docudrama is a combination of “documentary” and “drama,” a type of television program where an event is reenacted or acted out by professionals. This is different than a documentary because it uses photos and videos that were recorded in real-time, as well as interviews with actual participants in a real-life incident. The facts are then combined into a report that aims to increase awareness or general knowledge. The docudrama, on the other hand, features trained actors in a real-life setting that has been dramatized to add some spice. The docudrama is faithful to historical facts but compensates for any gaps or inaccuracies by using dramatic retelling.

You might be familiar with the I Shouldn’t Be Alive series and the HBO miniseries From the Earth To the Moon, Obsession, Dark Desires, and Heroes and Villains.

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