Beginner’s Guide For Infinity Kingdom Game

Infinity Kingdom captures the best aspects that veteran and experienced players love and enjoy, while also adding its own unique features and aspects. Infinity Kingdom offers endless opportunities for strategic gameplay, providing hours upon hours of entertainment.

The game has many features and mechanics that can seem overwhelming for new players to the MMO strategy gaming genre. However, Infinity Kingdom will ensure that you are familiar with all the basics before you embark on your adventure.

As you quickly build your army and camp, there is a lot of information to absorb. You have immortal heroes to choose from, so it can be overwhelming to manage all the tasks required to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Learning the ropes is something that you can do with patience and dedication. Our Infinity Kingdom beginner’s book can help you get started on your journey to protect Norheim and dominate everyone who stands in your path.

1. Follow the Chapter Missions

Infinity Kingdom has a wide variety of missions and objectives that will keep you busy every time you log in to the game. Although the tutorial session covers the first chapter, each new feature or activity that you unlock will come with an introduction guide, With every step you make in the story, more missions and objectives will be presented to you. You should always keep an eye on the chapter objectives so that you can focus your efforts on completing them.

The lower right corner of the screen shows one of the chapter goals. However, if you click the icon beside it, all of the objectives will be displayed. It is not necessary to finish all objectives. It is not important that you complete all the objectives listed.

These objectives serve as a guideline for what you need to do to move forward efficiently. These objectives are milestones that you must reach to progress. The MMO strategy game base-building games have a history of relying on dependencies when it comes to upgrading structures and conducting researches. Having the objectives listed under the main quest will help you narrow down the most important functions.

2. You should be able to multitask frequently

Multitasking is a key activity in MMO strategy games. There are many game genres that can be enjoyed by casual gamers. However, Infinity Kingdom isn’t as appealing for those who don’t have the time or the desire to dedicate their efforts to the game.

One thing to note is that the structures of Infinity Kingdom are built on certain spots, with vacant plots becoming more available as you progress higher in your ranks. This means that manual organizing your camp’s layout will not be a task you have to do regularly.

Multitasking is a must during the initial sessions. However, your ultimate goal is to stay ahead of the rest of the group so you can make quicker and more frequent visits to camp. The initial sessions are crucial to keep up with others and stay ahead of the pack, as there is always the possibility that someone else has already started to dive into Infinity Kingdom’s universe.

Even if you strictly adhere to chapter quest completion, there will still be plenty of time for you to work on your own. It is easy to build all the basic structures necessary for the production of basic necessities. These objectives are a guideline to help you get started. Once you have covered all the basics, you can ensure that each one is one of your most important functions as a commander.

Infinity Kingdom makes it simple enough to track some basic functions within your camp. The left side of the screen shows a menu that allows you to quickly access building management, military administration, and troop management. Each icon is equal in number, which means that you are usually fully using the army and structures at your disposal.

There will be only one queue for building management. Infinity Kingdom makes it so simple that unlocking new buildings won’t take up any queue. Building upgrades are not included in the queue, but they can be done simultaneously with existing structures. You can temporarily add another construction queue using contract builder items. These items can be purchased at the shop. You also have free access to them through rewards and achievements.

You will get the best results if you use a contract builder to speed up your construction capabilities in the early hours and days of the game. These are crucial times to strengthen your army and build your camp. You can also use tons of items to speed up your construction time. These items can be useful in speeding up construction times. However, it is tempting to hoard them and save them for later.

There are 5 queues that fall under military control. The first four are for training different types such as shieldmen, spearmen and cavalry. The hospital that treats soldiers who are injured is the fifth. It is possible to delay training units in some MMO strategy games so that you can quickly upgrade each structure and unlock the next level of soldiers. You should therefore focus on upgrading existing structures first, and then start mass-producing armies when tier 2 soldiers are available.

However, Infinity Kingdom’s next grade of soldiers is only available after the training facilities are upgraded to level 10. This takes longer than usual. This means that you can start training soldiers continuously as soon as the facility is available. You can continue to train soldiers even when the facility is being upgraded.

Hospitals are only required to be open when soldiers are injured in battle. This means that they should be full on 4/5. It will display an icon whenever new soldiers are available. To deploy soldiers or train additional troops, you will need to click on the queue list or structure.

The troop management aspect of the game is a key element that beginners often overlook. The tutorial includes the ability to assign immortals as troop leaders and the opportunity for your first adventure out of camp into the real world. The initial set of troops will be 1; however, ranking up in your castle will unlock more troops until you have 4 squads ready to go into battle.

You will have plenty of energy and stamina to send troops out, so you’ll likely have plenty. While you may have to hunt down gnomes in some missions, it is important to ensure that your troops are available to contribute to the overall productivity of your camp.

Infinity Kingdom has more activities than can be tracked in the quick menu on the left side. You need to keep an eye on them to maximize your base camp’s efficiency. Make it a habit to recognize structures that need frequent tending early in your career.

Each set of four production buildings is assigned to produce the basic resources your camp will need. These include the quarries, lumber mills and smelters. While only two of these will be available when you start your adventure, more will be available as your castle reaches certain milestones.

To reach certain upgrade levels, only one of each is necessary. However, you should build as many castles as possible and keep them updated. These facilities will cease producing if they have full stocks.

The academy is another basic structure that must be continuously productive. The academy is responsible for conducting research that will improve camp’s performance in general. At first, you can only conduct research related to production. Research that improves troops’ performance, immortality, or defense becomes available to you as you progress in upgrades. You can also choose to speed up your research by purchasing speed up items. However, research items cannot be obtained until the academy has upgraded to that level.

The dragon cave is an unusual structure in Infinity Kingdom. This is where you will keep and care for the fifth member in your squad, a dragon. Glyndwr is the first dragon in your squad. As you go through story chapters, more dragons become available. You do not need to unlock the dragon cave. To make them stronger, the dragons that you have in it must be unlocked. You can speed it up like other processes, but queues are a problem. Dragon training is the best way to get this speed up.

The camp’s wall is the first line defense against intruders. While NPCs and the gnomes that you hunt on the map are not a threat to your camp’s defense, you should be aware of other players who may try to take your resources if your camp is in danger.

It is important to upgrade the wall as often as possible. To further protect walls, defensive traps can be added to their protection. You can also place troops at your wall to protect it and invite allies to help.

The harbor is last but not least. Here you can get a ship to sail for random rewards. While it takes some time for ships back to the harbor, you should not let this stop you from giving the ship as many sails possible. You don’t need to make the harbor more modern, just like the dragon cave.

3. Explore the Outside World

Infinity Kingdom offers a wide range of activities that you can explore within your camp. While it is important to take care of your camp’s needs first, you will eventually find that most activities within your camp are in queue. This will give you ample time to explore the outside world.

There are many reasons to get out of your camp and explore the world. You have every opportunity to do this, so make sure you grab it and include it in your daily multitasking.

First, you will need to hunt down and take down gnomes as part of various missions. This is the most draining activity on your in-game stamina. Each group of gnomes that you defeat earns you rewards. Every immortal in your squad also gains experience points, which can be used to level up and become more powerful. You can search the open-world for enemies and resource points to find materials.

You can usually take on the lower level gnomes after beating them. However, a prompt will alert you if they are stronger than you squad. There is no harm in aiming for the highest level enemies possible. Every resource you collect will help you progress faster in Infinity Kingdom.

You can generate basic resources materials within your base camp and you also receive a lot of reward missions and rewards for resource crates. However, you won’t run out of any of these items.

It is normal to expect that upgrading buildings and training troops will be constant activities. Farming for basic resources should also be a constant task. You should also consider that the resources required at your base camp will increase exponentially as your army grows and each building becomes more advanced.

While you may have a peace shield at your base camp for a short time while you begin your adventure in Infinity Kingdom’s Infinity Kingdom, this immunity does not apply to troops outside of your city. Keep track of your deployed troops until they return home. Also, make sure to constantly search the immediate surroundings for hostiles.

Preparing for the future is one of the most important aspects of MMO strategy games. You will not be able to defend yourself against attacks by other players until the immunity shields expire or until you launch an attack on another player. You may find it a great time to relax and not have to worry during the ceasefire, but you should also consider this an opportunity to explore the lands and assess your situation.

There will always be other camps that are stronger or weaker than yours. What you need to do is identify the potential threats and opportunities. You can use the information you gather from your environment to determine if it is a good idea to move.

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