Before You Get Started: Things To Know About Roblox Game

Make your first Roblox game by taking the first step.

The Roblox community has spent the past few weeks reviewing some of the most popular games available. These games were created by players and users like you, or someone you know. There are many games available, including Mario, Pokemon, and zombie games. It’s time for us to change gears.

Instead of looking at games made by others, why not open Roblox Studios to create your own games. Roblox makes it super simple for anyone to create a game that is fun and easy to use without having any previous experience. It’s so simple!

Roblox Studio: How to Get Started

Roblox Studio will be your main interface to help you realize all of your Roblox creation goals. You can create worlds, design your own models and upload objects to the database. There are also tutorials and resources that the Roblox Corporation has created to help you learn how to use the program.

Roblox Studio free scripts should look like the above image when you first launch it. You can choose which template you wish to use (or whether you don’t want one) from the main menu. Next, you can cycle between creating worlds that are based on Themes such as Western and Suburban or based upon Gameplay such as Racing and Obby.

Roblox’s Obby game is the most popular and simple of all the games. These are 3D obstacle courses where players must run and jump to avoid obstacles. They are a sort of platformer in the same vein as Mario and Sonic.

We’ll be making an Obby our first game for this tutorial.

How to Make Your First Game

Upload the Obby template. The interface will look something like the one shown above. The interface’s center is where you can click, drag, and edit the entire playable world. Roblox Studio is full of many things, but don’t get overwhelmed.

This template is already a blueprint. This template provides a starting point and an ending point as well as warnings to be aware of. We can make it our own by making a few simple changes.

Let’s first change the sky background from day to night by changing the time of the day. Click Lighting in the Explorer column. This will open a new box called Properties – lighting. It contains a lot of numbers. Scroll down to the Data section, and look for the TimeOfDay and the time. You’ll need the 24-hour version of military time to view it. It was set for 02:00:00 in mine so it would be 2 AM. Nice and dark with some twinkling stars.

Go into the game environment menu, and click on some of the floating squares. You can quickly and easily change the color using the Color option in Edit. You can create new platforms by copying and pasting them. Drag them around to create an environment that is both fun and challenging. Don’t forget to add new red squares! These are the things your player should avoid. They add challenge to your game.

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Complete Your First Roblox Game

These are just a few basic modifications that you can make to your Obby to make it stand out more. Roblox is so much more than that, there are many other things you can do with it. This was just a tiny introduction. You should check out Roblox Studio’s tutorials and look up tutorials online. Also, you might want to consider my book about Roblox, which is linked down below.

When your game has reached a certain point, publish it to Roblox. To begin the process, click File and then Publish to Roblox. You can then name the game and add a description. Once everything is set up, click Publish to Roblox.

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