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So you finally want to play Diablo 3. Perhaps you missed out on Diablo 3’s solid dungeon loot-crawler, or maybe you just read one of our previous posts and were inspired. Once you opened the game, you were presented with two options: do you want the Campaign or Adventure Mode? What’s the difference? What is a Challenge Rift, you ask?

Take a deep breath and relax. These aren’t as difficult as you might think. These are not as difficult as you might think. We will now explain them to you. You can then go ahead and pick one and have some fun. While I don’t recommend doing a Challenge Rift your first time playing Diablo 3, it is called a Challenge Rift.

What is Campaign Mode?

Although it is sometimes hard to believe, Diablo 3 has a story. It is broken down into four acts, with Act V being about the expansion Reaper of Souls. The story can sometimes get in your way of killing monsters or taking their loot. Okay, that’s it. I don’t know what I was trying to say. Diablo 3 has a storyline and the Campaign Mode allows us to experience that storyline.

Campaign Mode is my favorite way to level up. It’s not the fastest but it’s the most fun. I also love the cutscenes and would recommend anyone just getting started to the game to start in Campaign Mode. This will save you many trips to Wiki sites to try to find out the identity of the big demon in Act 2.

Campaign Mode is similar to Adventure Mode. You can also set the difficulty. Certain difficulties can only be accessed after you reach certain milestones. To unlock Master difficulty you must complete Act IV on at least one character. Torment 1 requires that you reach level 60. You can play Torment I-VI at level 60, but you must have reached level 70 in order to unlock Torment VII.

You don’t want to bump your Expert level up if you’re a beginner, or if you are just starting to play a Seasonal character or a new class. Your first campaign mode spin should be considered a tutorial until you reach Act I. Are you finding the game too challenging? You can increase the difficulty.

Adventure Mode and You

However, Diablo 3 does not need to be played in Campaign Mode. Adventure Mode is a great way to start the game, even if you are a new level 1 character. This allows you to completely skip Campaign Mode and its story. You might be familiar with Diablo and want to try a new character. Or maybe you are impatient and just want to get into treasure hunting and monster killing. Diablo3 has the right mode for you.

Adventure Mode revolves around the Exploration and Bounties systems. It might be a familiar experience if you have played World of Warcraft. To find out what tasks the former Archangel Tyrael wants you to complete, you will need to visit one of five zones in Diablo3’s five Acts – New Tristram (Caldeum), Arreat Crater (Arreat Crater), the Heavens, and Pandemonium). These are called “bounties” and you will be awarded a Horadric Cache that contains rare crafting mats, gold, and other treasures if you complete all the zones in the zone.

Exploration and Bounties

Bounties can be random. There are many possibilities for each zone, but you won’t see them all. You can only get one bounty at any given location. This means that you will always exhaust an area before you reach every location. Each bounty has a chance of being new if you have completed all five zones. If you want to sweep from one zone to another, there is no stopping you.

You can also explore the map as you go. You can kill Diablo and do the Bounties in Heaven, but you don’t have to like him. You can adjust the difficulty of Adventure Mode in the same way as in Campaign Mode. This allows you to make it more challenging and lucrative as you go. You can now bump it up to Torment XIV and XV for an even greater challenge.

You can also attempt Nephalem Rifts Adventure Mode, We covered them last week.

Let’s discuss Challenge Rift Mode

The Challenge Rifts don’t work the same way as Nephalem Rifts and Greater Rifts. These are a special mode that alters and tweaks your expectations of Diablo3. Challenge Rifts will select your class, skills, and even gear. Have you ever played a Wizard? That’s okay because the Rift will give you a Wizard to play. Or a Monk or another class. The Challenge Rift determines the class, gear, and skill choices that you choose.

This article provides more information for new players. I will be upfront and say that if you have never played Diablo3 or don’t play it often, Challenge Rift Mode may not be something you want to try until you gain some experience.

The Mode doesn’t just throw you into the deep end. When you start a Challenge Rift, you are teleported first to a special hub where you can review the pre-set talent and skill choices, examine your gear, and test your spells and abilities against unresisting foes to get a feel for what you should do. The difficulty of the Greater Rift will be determined in Challenge Mode. You have two options: either succeed or fail. If you are successful, you will receive a special cache full of loot as well as a place on the leaderboards.

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