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When the cold winter weather arrives, you’ll find us snuggled up on the sofa, watching our favorite TV series or reading a new book, with a gorgeously fragranced candle to create a cosy atmosphere to the scene. The greatest scented candles have a significant impact on our mood. A lovely fragrance can be a relaxing pleasure on a lazy night in, can help you concentrate at work, or can simply give some extra atmosphere to an at-home date night or dinner party.

Warming, earthy, and spiced aromas, such as cinnamon, citrus, ginger, cocoa, and tonka bean, are preferable to lighter flowery perfumes when it’s cold outside.

We’ve picked together our picks for the best scented candles to get you through the rest of the colder season, whether you’re purchasing for yourself or a loved one. With prices starting at just £6, we’ve got a mix of high-end smells and low-cost candles.

Winter Candle, Large

The most traditional Graciemoonscents Christmas fragrance is cinnamon, cloves, and orange, but there’s a reason for that: it’s a lovely classic mix you’ll never weary of lighting in the winter.

Candle with hot chocolate and peppermint

If you enjoy sweet scents, add this to your shopping cart right away. This candle does, in fact, fill your space with the scent of minty hot chocolate. What could be better in the dead of winter? Because this candle is limited edition, we’re stocking up (and adding in one of the brand’s gingerbread alternatives for good measure).

Signature Candle by Fireside

The next best thing to sitting next to a crackling wood fire is this blend of smokey, heady scents (probably).

The Zodiac Collection

Luna London’s Zodiac Collection, inspired by the astrological calendar, includes 12 candles with unique aroma profiles and bespoke labeling to resemble the zodiac signs. This is a beautiful idea for a one-of-a-kind gift.

Winter Warmth Candle from Scotland

This fruity, spicy candle from the Tartan Blanket Co is perfect for winter evenings at home wrapped in a blanket (or an electric blanket if you’re feeling extra cold).

perfumed candle with a large cork lid

Wow, this is a fantastic deal on such a large candle. The black votive is sleek and expensive-looking, and the aroma is wintery but not overtly Christmassy, making it ideal for the new year.

Winter Candle Trio in Miniature

Are you looking for a present for a friend? This wonderful candle set will be far more appreciated than another tube of hand cream or a body wash kit.

1kg Winter Spice Candle

This heavy kilogram candle has been lowered from £100 to a more affordable £70, thanks to the January promotions. That should see you through until spring — and then some!

Candle for a Forêt d’Or

Isn’t this votive really stunning? On your coffee table or mantelpiece, its jewel-toned emerald shade will seem positively regal.

Votive Candle for the Winter

Cowshed has lowered the price of their winter candles, making this tiny alternative available for just £6. It’s comforting without being excessively Christmassy, with no pine or cinnamon to be found.

Candle with a Smokey Aroma

If you enjoy strong, melancholy aromas, this is the one for you. It’s smoky and mysterious, evoking bonfire night and the crackling flames of a winter log fire. It isn’t available yet, so join up for the waiting list to be among the first to get one when it becomes available.

Candle with Gilding

The aroma throw from BB candles is always impressive, and this one is no exception. This is the one if you want your home to smell rich, with its woody, smoky atmosphere coupled with opulent gold leaf.

Candle with a smoky and woody scent

More smoky scents, this time at a more reasonable price if you’re not in the market for a big statement piece just yet.

Candle with the scent of a redhead

The addition of saffron and poppy to this comforting scent adds a little of interest. There are a lot of fragrance components here, so if you prefer something a little more complex, this is the scent for you.

Candle with the scent of cowboy kush

This one is guaranteed to capture your curiosity if you prefer a musky, adventurous aroma. Definitely something different than your typical cinnamon or pine-scented alternatives.

Candle with a scent of winter spices

This John Lewis wintery candle is sweet and spicy with a subtle orangey zing, giving your living space a warm and inviting smell throughout the colder months.

Candle with the scent of Sapin

Yes, Christmas is done, but there’s nothing quite like the scent of pine trees – and because this is a limited-edition run, this is your final chance to get some before they’re gone. Diptyque candles are costly, but they always have a long burn life for their size, so they’re worth it.

Candle with a scent of incense

In a beautiful and sleek black votive, this is a really grown-up alternative, strong on the smoky incense smells. For the price, it also has a long burn time – a win!

Candle with a Biscuit Scent

Because the smell of delicious sweets baking in the oven is one of our favorite scents at any time of year, this Diptyque creation is at the top of our wish list.

Sardonyx Candle with a Fire Scent

If you can’t take giving up floral aromas, this one, which combines warming patchouli, amber, and vanilla, is an excellent compromise for the cooler months.

Candle with a scent of freshly baked gingerbread

In 2021, this was one of the best scented candles we tested. We put it in the living room, but even when it wasn’t lighted, we could smell it from the upstairs landing. It’s sweet, spicy, and quite cozy, and it’s gotten a lot of positive feedback from guests. It’s also half cheap right now!

The Christmas Candle’s Essence

This Roja candle is scented with uniquely wintery fragrance oils and housed in a sleek black votive with sophisticated gold accents.

Candle with a scent of lavender and pine

You’ll prefer this one if a strong scented candle gives you a headache. It’s fragrant enough to greet you as you enter the room without being overpowering. The twin wick seems appealing as well.

Candle with an Evil Eye Lid

How lovely is this votive? Once the candle has gone out, save it and use it to store treasures. You might also purchase this item as a lovely gift for a friend.

Kush Candle for Him

This is a wonderful wintertime choice that is warm and soothing without being sickening. This is a mature scent that is musky and less sweet, with a lot of patchouli and bergamot. We adore each other.

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